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1.     Choose a Club from the Home Page and click subscribe or click register 

2.     Complete the registration form.

3.     Where you have INVITED BY please write the Person Name, if no one referred you please write admin

4.     Verify your email address

5.     Once your email address has been verified, click the ‘Member Login’ button on eiClub home page

6.     Select ‘Student Login’ and enter your username and password.

7.     ACTIVATE your account by clicking the ‘PAY FOR PLAN’ BUTTON.

8.     You will then be directed to select a payment option.

9.     Select a payment option either paypal (credit or debit card) or bank check (bank transfer or pay by bank). 

10.   To pay by bank or to do a bank transfer please contact the company for bank information.  

11.    Once you have made the payments. Select bank check and enter the bank name, city and region. In the message   

          section please inform the company that you have made payments. 

12.    Eiclub will activate your account within 48 hours.

13.    Once the account has been activated your status will change from Not activated to qualify


Please feel free to contact us at sales@eiclub.net or call us at 876-615-7135-6/845-382-9604